About us

Vesna Goricki, M.D.

Born in Zagreb in 1959
Graduated from University of Zagreb Medical School in 1982
1985-1992 Head of Medical Services in Zagreb Retirement Home
Gerontology postgraduate training completed in 1986
Board certified in Family Practice in 1992
First acupuncture training in 1988
Completed acupuncture training with  Prof. Dervisevic in 1997
In 2003 completed two year training in French Homeopathic Therapy
In 2004 finished Course in Usage of Vacuum Treatment in Medicine and Cosmetology



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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treatment, where needle pressure and puncture is applied to exact points on the skin.



HOMEOPATHY is a natural treatment method, based on a principal which states that “similar needs to be treated with similar”. This treatment uses natural medicinal substances which promote self healing reactions. It is considered to be “reactive medicine”, since it observes responses of a healthy human body as well, to natural medicinal substances.  


Vitamins are organic substances needed in small quantities for normal metabolic functions.
The body can not make them on their own, they have to be ingested with food.